Examples of assignments


Strategic Assignments – Consumer Goods

  • Design of business plans / strategic plans – a variety of assignments – turnover of companies: from M€ 20 to 300
  • Advise a Luxury House in the acquisition of a strategic sub-contractor: business plan, rules for governance
  • Design the merging project of 2 coops – from the identification of synergies and the risks to the design of the business plan and the organizational structure
  • Support the board of an agricultural sub-sector in the design of its long-term strategic plan


Sales and Marketing excellence – Food

  • Set-up a growth plan to accelerate the international development of a premium spirit brand
  • Design the D2C (Direct to Consumer) business plan of a wine company – combining e-commerce and field sales force
  • Enhance sales efficiency of a FMCG: merge 4 field sales forces, resize the Key Account teams, Re-define sales priorities
  • Design at worldwide level a “New Marketing” organisation for an international dairy group, in order to enhance marketing efficiency and to improve attractiveness towards employees.

Examples of sectors



  • Wines and Spirits
  • Fashion
  • Jewellery

Food / Consumer Goods

  • Wines
  • Dairy, Cheese
  • Grocery

Agri Business

  • Interprofessions
  • Federations
  • Boards of agricultural sub sectors.