Tailor-made business partnerships to deliver tangible and sustainable results.

  • Blending analytical excellence from strategic consulting with an operation-driven approach from previous Senior Executive positions in Retail
  • Extensive credentials on major top-agenda topics
  • Innovative solutions (with the support of start-ups) and in-house methodologies to facilitate buy-in and quality of implementation
  • Agile business support.

Fields of intervention

Design strategic orientations: acquisitions, new business model, new markets

Enhance performance: accelerate organic growth, lighten the cost base, optimize the allocation of resources (Capex, Opex)

Design transformation plans, develop distinctive capabilities, and manage change


A blended experience: senior executive positions in strategic consulting companies and at retailer (former Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing & Digital Officer).

Work as a business partner with client teams to design realistic solutions, favouring the buy-in and generating a high level of empowerment

A sophisticated understanding of the company’s specificities, beyond the industry paradigms.

2 sectors: distribution (B2B, retail, e-commerce) and consumer. Lead over 50 strategy and operational performance projects. An outstanding basis of industry benchmarks. Proprietary methodologies.


Provide realistic recommendations: in line with the company DNA and capabilities, and achievable regarding the resources the company wishes to dedicate

Provide first-class delivery and back systematically the conclusions with fact-based content

Feel the internal context of the company in order to manage the project without destabilizing the operations