Retail and Digital

Concrete achievements on all the top-agenda challenges retailers are facing.
Among current clients and partners: groups and mid-sized companies, pure players and multichannel retailers.

Examples of sectors: Food, e-commerce, fashion retail (value and premium), shoe retail, perfume & cosmetics, Hard Goods (Do It Yourself, Toys, Baby Care), B2B, travel retail

  • Design a review of the store footprint and quantify the fields of improvements in terms of performance and profitability
  • Set up a 360° review of the sales model and highlight the actions to be implemented in order to deliver short term improvements
  • Design the e-category management strategy, in order to stimulate acquisition and average spending, while mastering the working capital requirement.
  • Make a re-engineering of the CRM strategy, addressing all its components (digital, promotions, sharing economy) and optimising the ROI
  • Design a multi-channel sales plan
  • Optimise the discount policy and design an efficient and effective promotion plan
  • Strengthen the Private Label business
  • Co-develop with the field an action plan to enhance on-shelf availability

  • Design the appropriate organisational frame and the inflexions to be operated in order to adapt to activity changes – e.g. digital development, acquisition of a new business, aggressive organic growth, extension on new countries
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the field sales management
  • Enhance performance of marketing departments (offer, digital, communication)
  • Support the executive committee in the design of its yearly roadmap

  • Design business plans and IBR (Independent Business Reviews)
  • Enhance the competitiveness by i) strengthening the sales model and ii) enhancing the distinctive capabilities of the company
  • Design the Digital strategy and the digital roadmap: e-commerce and multichannel development, implications in all the departments and in the key working processes
  • Establish the international strategy and roadmap
  • Assess the attractiveness of  companies during an acquisition process / due-diligence
  • For investors (shareholders and lenders): challenge the business plan and the capability of the company to deliver it.

Consumer and Luxury

A track record built in over 15 countries, with a large typology of players: mid-sized companies, cooperative, multinational, federations.

Fields of expertise: strategy; sales & marketing excellence


  • Premium & Luxury (wines & spirits, perfumes, art)
  • Consumer goods (milk, grocery, household cleaning products)

  • Design the e-commerce strategy: offer, client strategy, sales management, marketing interactions with sales, organisation and working processes
  • Implement world class sales practices: merge sales forces, resize sales departments, optimize allocation of resources (people, spending)
  • Build the international sales & marketing plan – content & process
  • Design the food service strategy and the roadmap
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of promotions

  • Design the digital strategy and roadmap
  • Assess the attractiveness of targets for acquisition, quantify synergies and highlight risks
  • Support the Executive Committee in the identification of potential partners (manufacturing, sales)
  • For federations and inter-professions (wine, other agricultural sectors) : design the strategy for the federation and the sector
  • Sharpen or re-engineer the business model

Corporate Strategy and Private Equity

Strategic support to shareholders and investors: Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Holding, Family Offices

  • Design Business Plans and IBR (Independent Business Reviews)
  • Monitor the internal strategic process, in order to deliver a first-class home-made strategic plan
  • Assess attractiveness of targets / due diligence
  • Make a review of potential acquisition targets (industry review)
  • Assess relevance of a business plan designed by the management
  • Support the management in the design of its roadmap
  • Analyse the turnaround plan of a participation and make deep dives on most critical issues
  • Analyse and quantify synergies and risks resulting from a build-up